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Can I add the wedding Ceremony after booking?
YES! Here's how that works. Our wedding ceremonies are one hour long. The Ceremony pricing covers that one full hour. If there is time in between, you are charged the hourly rate that applies to your event pricing. So for a simple example: You have a 6-hour wedding DJ package at $600. You'll take the $600 divided by the number of hours (which is 6) and that gives you your hourly rate of $100/hr. We can also go half hour increments. Just divide the hourly rate by 2. The time inbetween can be used any way you'd like.

I have an outdoor wedding or party. What's required?
We require the DJ be under cover at all times. NO direct sunlight at any time in the performance. This is to ensure that the DJ and the equipment isn't exposed to any elements that may cause overheating or moisture damage.
RAIN? We will make a decision 24 hour in advance of your event START TIME. The DJ will have ultimate decision on the day of your event.We simply can not take a risk of moisture and electronics as there is a high rate of failing when these two meet. There are NO exceptions to the rules here. Unfortunately, DJ may delay start times if these guidelines are not met.

Is there a carry fee for outdoor events or buildings with stairs?
This depends. We'll disclose that information to you upon booking. If you haven't picked a venue by the time you book with us, there may be a carry fee charged after picking your venue. How much are they? Usually $20 to $60. We have to charge this because, in some situations, it will require the DJ to be on location earlier than the required 1 hour to set up. We pay them for the hard work they put in to make sure that their good to go. We will ALWAYS discuss this with you if the need arises.

We have a wedding/event planner, can you just talk to them?
We can, in some circumstances. We would need the Bride & Groom to both signs a release of duties/liability before we can solely and exclusively discuss your wedding details with a planner/coordinator. Why? In the past, we've found that some planners/coordinators haven't had their customers best wishes in mind or there was a communication break down between Us (The DJ Company), the Bride & Groom, and their wedding planner/coordinator and being held responsible for the lack of effort on the coordinators part. We know that planners/coordinators aren't the DJ, so we do not expect them to know or understand our job. This ensures you, as our customer, we are all on the same page and your event is beautifully executed on the day of your event. Please call us for further details. We can not work with a planner/coordinator if assigned within 30 days of the event.


Can I add more time before the day of the event?
YES! Just like adding a ceremony, you take the price divided by the number of hours to give you your hourly rate. This keeps any discounts that may have been offered in tact for your pricing. If you want a half hour rate, divide the hourly rate by two to give you that half hour rate.

Can I decide to add more time on the day of the event?
YES. However, your hourly rate would be at normal rates and would have to be cash to the DJ as our DJs may not be able to take a credit card and has no means of taking checks. Extra time paid for is non refundable and subject to Venue approval and DJ availability.

My venue said they want the DJ to set up early.
This is possible. However, there would be an additional charge. Why? Because we either have to pay someone to do the early setup or pay the DJ to be there early to set up. If this is the case, let us know asap and we can talk about the venue or run over the details. The pricing for this would range depending upon how early. Could be as low as $30 up to $150.

When is the deadline to change my times (Start & Stop)?
The cut off time is 10 days before your event date. So if you have your event on a Saturday, the Friday BEFORE is the latest you can change your times. Please make sure that you have your planner submitted in the 10 day window required with your chosen times. You can submit your planner by clicking the link just to the right ---->.

When is the deadline to submit my music/planner?
The cut off time is 10 days BEFORE your event date. This gives the DJ plenty of time to prepare and get the required songs. However, you can submit your planner and music after the 10-day deadline, but we can not guarantee that your music choices will be incorporated. Any music, timeline, or changes submitted with in TWO DAYS of your event will not be incorporated. Unfortunately, our DJs will not be able to have the time needed to make the necessary changes.

What do we need to provide for the DJ on the day of our event?
The only thing we require is a table set up in the area where you have chosen the DJ to be placed. This does INCLUDE any area for an outdoor ceremony as well. Other than that, NOTHING else as we take care of the rest!

Outside of the planner, what else is required for us to do?
The week of your wedding or event, we will be calling to go over your details of yor wedding or event. So please let us know an appropriate time to do so.


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Tell us about your music & how it works.
We have a massive selection of songs and it may be the largest of anyone or company. However, this doesn't mean that we have every song ever made. We have over 2 million and some of the most important and popular. But for the music that we don't have and can't get through our record pools or purchasing channels, you would be responsible to get us the exact selections or renditions that you want. To keep prices down for you and other customers, we do not purchase music that is outside of our record pool subscriptions.

Can your DJs stream from YouTube or other outlets?
Sorry, this is not an option, and, not an option that you really want. We can not guarantee the quality of internet at any particular venue or the quality of music. This may result is the stream being cut off or temporarily stopped or poor sounding songs. Either way, it would become a disaster for grand entrances, 1st dances, and definitely not for Ceremonies. YouTube streaming for any DJ company at a for-profit event is illegal. It does violate the copyright laws. We want you to know that we are a reputable, honest, and upstanding company and this violates that and puts your event in jeopardy. I don't think you want to hire a company that does that. We make every effort we can to get you the selections that you want. If we can't and you have them, they can always be sent .mp3 in an email or Google Drive.

Is the DJs gratuity included in the price?
Their Gratuity is not included. This is additional. The gratuity amount, just like any other vendor, is up to the customer. Typical Gratuity range for DJ companies is 10% - 20%. This is paid cash to them on the day of your event. They work hard to earn their tips and as you will see, well deserved.

Can we give the DJ music on the day of to play?
We require all music selections to be submitted 10 days before your event date. This is so that our professional digital systems can make sure that your music is the correct format and codex. Just because it's an ".mp3", doesn't mean that it's high quality. Many NEW high-end computer systems do NOT have CD players any more. However, if any music is approved to be given to the DJ on the day of your event, it must be put on a USB drive and we do not guarantee quality or playability.

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